SEO Traffic Or PPC Traffic, and Why Not Both?

SEO is the technique that blog or website creators use to attract new visitors for free.

Well, when you do a search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, to name the most important, different websites or blogs appear grouped by pages of 10 results each. These types of results are called organic and are performed based on algorithms that order the search results, how users perform them, and how they interact with the page.

The search engine algorithms sort the sites according to an order of relevance. This data is kept secret and constantly changed.

The content of a website or blog directly influences SEO, whose main objective is to generate quality traffic.

With PPC traffic, one or more ads must be created within the chosen platform, be it Google Adwords or Bing Ads, to mention the two maximum exponents of this traffic, but also, our ad must be attractive for those who see it interact with the.

Differences Between SEO Traffic And PPC Traffic

As we mentioned earlier, SEO traffic is free, but it has the counterpart that it takes longer to get results. It also requires generating content on a regular basis and doing a keyword analysis to see results. In addition, the traffic that arrives at our blog or website will depend on the positioning we obtain, so the most important thing about the SEO is to be in the first position or near it.

The positive thing about this type of traffic is that the results are more lasting over time.

With respect to PPC traffic, it is paid and is characterized by immediacy. It is not enduring traffic over time since we need to have campaigns running all the time to get results. You also need to test the keywords that we incorporate into our campaigns to see if they are correct or we need to change them.

To finish the two types of traffic are compatible, and depending on the budget you have, you can quickly find results through PPC traffic or work with SEO traffic to obtain results in the medium and long term.

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