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How To Monetize A Website With Google Adsense

Many have realized that you can earn money online through this source of income. Revenue comes from clicks that occur in ads.

Adwords is Google’s pay-per-click platform. When advertising, an advertiser pays for each keyword or keyword on which he will focus his campaigns. To get an idea of ​​the income that can be produced, we will show the following example:

If in Google Adwords, an advertiser pays $ 3 for the keyword “online business,” Google Adsense pays us approximately 68% for that word that is $ 2.04. If we have 100 clicks on the ad, our income would be: 100 * 2.04 = the US $ 204

The ads shown are related to what your visitors are looking for on your site. Your income will depend on how much advertisers are willing to pay in Google Adwords and the theme that corresponds to your website.

How Can You Start With Google Adsense

  • Sign up to open your account with Google AdSense. It will only take you a few minutes of your time.
  • When your website is activated, you can get the advertisement to include in your web pages.
  • You can insert this code in as many pages as you wish. AdSense ads will begin to display.

It is not advisable to make the clicks on the ad yourself

This could result in a penalty or even suspension of your account. In addition, the money you have as a balance in your account could lose it.

Look At Your Statistics

Revenue with AdSense can be monitored at any time by simply logging into your account. There are factors that affect the performance of your website and the income with AdSense that you get. It usually takes some time, and it is also necessary to perform trial and error to optimize the performance of the ads.

How To Generate Revenue On A Website With Google Adsense

Choose A Theme

It is better to write content for your page with just a few specific keywords. Google will show ads that are more focused and more relevant, which will result in higher revenue with AdSense.

White Background Around Your Advertisements

There are also other color options that you can use, which can harmonize the color of your ad unit with the color of your web page.

Test The Location Of Your Ads

It is recommended that you use a format that allows the correct display of the ad for more positive results. An ad located at the beginning of the article and in the sidebar is the most used. You can also place another ad at the end of the article.

You can also try other ad formats for a certain period of time to see which one allows you to generate revenue with AdSense.

Do not place ads everywhere. You must test which ad works best.

Create More Articles

Expand the theme of your website by creating more articles that focus more on keywords. This will optimize the website for search engines. Not only will it attract traffic, but they will also be more relevant to the AdSense ads shown.


This is the perfect tool to use to earn money online by earning income with AdSense. WordPress offers you all the necessary elements to create an optimized site that is well-positioned in the search results.

In addition, writing quality content will ensure, to a large extent, a good flow of highly qualified traffic, which will potentially click on the ads to monetize a website and earn revenue.…

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How To Earn Money Being An Affiliate?

If you have entered this post, you probably already know that it is possible to earn money as an Affiliate by giving out other people’s products on the Internet. If you have identified with this profile and want to know how to start, we prepare the initial steps for you to start selling online.

How To Start?

If you have been interested in this profession and want to start working on the Internet, read the initial steps carefully so you can start earning money as an Affiliate.

1.Learn About The Digital Market Seriously

If you want to work or make money off the Internet, the first step, first of all, is to study and know everything about the digital market.

Believe me, and it is possible to earn money as an affiliate even if you are not very familiar with the digital market, as long as you dedicate yourself and want to learn more about this area.

2.Study Marketing Techniques

Do you remember that at the beginning of this post, we said that to earn money as an Affiliate, it was important that you be skilled in sales?

Since your mission is to show other people’s products, it is essential that you understand everything about marketing.

There are many digital marketing courses that teach you from initial techniques to the most advanced, and you can find some that are even free. So, there is no excuse for not learning to make online sales.

3.Define What Product You Are Going To Sell

When choosing the product you will promote, in addition to thinking about your area of ​​action, it is also important to consider:

  • It is important to know, for example, the number of alternative pages available by the Producer and if the product has a registered domain. That way, you can better understand who the audience you need to work with is.
  • See if the offer of the product you have chosen convinces you. Also, make sure that the offer has all the stages well built to be able to show your audience better that this product really delivers the value they are looking for.
  • Analyze the seasonality of the product: Do you remember that we talked about searching in Google Trends, which are the issues that are more rising? This is very important when choosing the product you are going to promote, as it will help you understand if the sale will be temporary or recurring.
  • Commissioning Rule: Understand the rule by which you will earn commissions as a result of the sales you make. That way, you will eventually know exactly when to count a sale, if it is on the first or last click, for example. This is essential to choose if you will work with the purchase of traffic or organic traffic, for example.
  • Trust: Finally, choose a product you really trust. This way, it will give you much confidence as it will be much easier to talk about what you are promoting.
  • Don’t think about simply earning money as an Affiliate: Choose a product that gives value to those who are buying and can even become a lasting business for you.

Start Earning Money As An Affiliate

These are the first steps you need to take to start working as an Affiliate. The promotion of digital products is an extraordinary way to start your own business and still work from wherever you want.

Good sales!

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