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Many affiliates say that email marketing does not have the results that were obtained before or that it no longer works.

It is true that email marketing is used intensively in affiliate marketing, and this happens because this tool is the best way to approach customers and generate conversions. Email marketing is the main way to interact with clients and companies, with family, friends, etc.

It is true that social networks are growing in quantity, but email is still strong since it allows a more intimate and focused relationship. Studies show that hundreds of thousands of people see their mailbox before starting their work or even take a look shortly before bedtime, in order to see what messages they have received.

Therefore we can conclude that email marketing is not an archaic tool for affiliate marketing and is one of the best ways to make sales every day. So knowing how to use e-mail marketing is important for your success on the Internet. It is necessary to understand that email marketing aims to generate a relationship of trust between the person who receives it and who sends it. Many dismiss this technique because they are not able to generate quality content, and that is why they refuse to use it or talk about the lack of effectiveness it has.


Our focus on affiliate marketing should be on building a list. It is necessary to understand that if a person enters their email address on the landing page, it is because they are interested in what we offer.

In the first mail, do not try to sell. Provide valuable information. If you try to sell at any cost, you will lose subscribers and potential customers.

A good hook is to offer a bonus. We all like to get something for free, and it is a good reward for the person who entered their email address.

Create a story that catches your audience. Induce the purchase little by little if your emails are with the quality and valuable information you will sell.

Creating a story is the trigger that is needed to catch people and make you sell more.

A call to action that motivates people to make a decision by placing the link that leads to the product sales letter.


This is the crucial step for your list to be profitable for many years. Many people have big lists, but they can’t make sales constantly.

Your list is the most important asset for your business, and it is what will keep your project always running and generating income for many years.

Therefore, trying to develop a relationship with your list will make you an authority in your niche, and what people most want is to follow those people who know how to help them.

The content of the emails should add value and strengthen your position of authority before your list. If you do it, this way, sales will happen naturally.

Mail Sequence

This question has different answers. Do we send you an email every day or not? Two emails per week?

The first thing is to analyze what your target audience wants. Do they want a daily article or two articles per week?

The opening rate of the emails can give you an indication. If the opening rate is high, continue with the current mail sequence; If not, you should test to see if your statistics improve.

A sequence that I find interesting, and that has given me good results, is to send a sequence of 5 emails after registering daily and then sending two emails per week.

However, each niche has its own particularities. If the niche is urgent, it has a different characteristic from another that is not.

To cite an example: If your niche is carpentry, it is not an urgent niche, such as offering a solution for a disease such as diabetes.

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