5 Tips On Affiliate Marketing And Your Site

The concept of affiliate marketing is simple. It consists of directing the segmented traffic to the product or offer that we are promoting and receiving a commission for our efforts.

Here are our five tips that will help you in creating your affiliate site.

Choose The Network Well

Not all affiliate networks are created in the same way; some have a good reputation, and others not so much. Can you imagine doing hard work to position your blog and then not receiving the commissions you legitimately earned? It is essential to investigate beforehand which affiliate networks work well. One of the ways to do this research is to see sites where these networks are reviewed, see if they pay, customer service, comments, etc. The more seniority and stability it has, the more reliable it will be, compared to a newer or smaller network.

Note: It is installed the suspicion that some networks spy on their most successful affiliates, then unsubscribe the offer and promote it themselves with the methods of this affiliate. It is certainly not proven.

Choose Your Niche

If we are going to engage in affiliate marketing, the selection of the niche in which we are going to work is one of the most important phases. It can literally mean the difference between success and failure. Many new affiliates make the mistake of registering on numerous networks and trying to promote large quantities of products in different verticals. This results in a lack of authority on a subject. The website becomes a product supermarket and a specialist in none.

Instead, you must select a single niche, and focus all your energy on it. Become a trusted authority on that subject. You should also evaluate the difficulty of the niche and compare it with your experience in affiliate marketing.

Track Everything

The configuration of each link with a unique tracking ID will allow you to see exactly which pages of your site are converting. With this information, you can analyze what is working, which pages are successful, and then optimize them further. Most trusted affiliate networks make this process easier and allow you to add tracking identifiers to a link when creating them.

To start with a simple page tracking is enough. All you need to do is create a unique ID for each page where your link is located. You will quickly see the value of this data when you start collecting it.

Try Everything

Once you have set up a tracking system, as mentioned in the previous point, you will have opened the doors to the world of optimization. Try to try different variants of the pages and see what works best. Or maybe you try to change the locations of your call to action or their appearance.

The limit is your imagination.

Conversion optimization is one of the most interesting parts of affiliate marketing.

What we think it will convert is not always what it really converts. Surprises are common when testing is done, but you must necessarily rely on the data you get and act accordingly. This can dramatically increase your income without increasing traffic.

Never stop trying.

At first, you will test the operation of the pages you created. Then, once we know which is the one with the highest conversion, it starts to optimize as much as possible.

Keep The Focus

A finished project that is producing revenue will be much more valuable than ten half projects. You must commit to completing one project before starting another. There is always going to be a “low” point where you worked hard, and you get little traffic, but you do not see a return.

It is time to move on. Do not leave this project and start a new one. Analyze the causes and probable solutions. Only when you see that nothing can be done can you stop.

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